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Instantly increase your Steem Power

Get an immediate delegation of Steem Power to your account for 90 days to use however you like. The more Steem Power you have, the more you can do on the Steem Blockchain as well as having a bigger upvote! 

Delegations are automatically returned to us at the end of the 90 day period.  

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How to buy a delegation

Follow the simple instructions below to purchase a 90 day delegation using your credit or debit card


Step 1

Enter username & required Steem Power

Enter your Steem account username (without the @ sign) and then choose how much Steem Power delegation you want to purchase using the slider bar. The amount you will be charged appears in the button. Click it once you are ready.


Step 2

Enter your personal details

Enter your email, name and address. Make sure your address is the same as the address on your credit card. Then click the button to go to payment info.


Step 3

Enter your card details

Enter your credit card information. Once done, click the Pay Button, and your purchase will be verified. Once completed, your delegation will be transferred to you in seconds. 

Ready to get going? 

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