Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we use a reputable global payment processing gateway for all transactions, and nobody but you will ever get your keys…not even us! 

Your account will be anonymous. These details are taken by our credit card processor for KYC/AML purposes only. We do not get your personal information.

Unfortunately not. You are the only person who ever gets your keys. You are responsible for keeping them safe. We can help recover a stolen account in certain circumstances, but not recover lost passwords.

You can contact us here and tell us what’s wrong. We will do our best to assist you, however if payments have been declined for some reason by our payment processor, we cannot guarantee that we can help you. 

Visit our referrer page and generate your personal link. Put this on your blogs, your website, your emails….everywhere. You can use this to sell accounts at any amount (minimum of $2.50). You will receive a reward for each (minimum 50 cents) in Steem. In order to be a referrer, you must have a Steem account already. You can use the referrer dashboard to check your referrals progress. 

You can get free accounts from Steemit Inc, but these can take a while to get approved. Normally it takes at least a week or two, sometimes longer. With our service, you get your account open immediately, and have enough Steem Power to get you going on the blockchain.

In order to do things on the Steem blockchain (such as post, upvote and transfer coins) you need to have Steem Power. The more you have, the more you can do, and the more your upvote is worth. Upvoting others is good because it means you get a curation reward for engaging with other people (you earn a bit too!). Therefore, the more Steem Power you have, the more influence you have on the network, and the more you can earn yourself. We rent delegation for 90 days, which is what you are buying. Get started by visiting our Delegation page

No, when someone requests an account, we reserve the name for 2 hours to make sure nobody else signs up with it during this time. Once this time has passed, the name will be available again. If you cancel anytime after downloading the keys, then this will happen for you. Just be patient and try again later (however remember there will be a new set of keys to download, so don’t use the old ones from your first attempt!)

Contact us and tell us what your needs are. We may well be able to help you get multiple accounts open.