Add Steem.Ninja to your site

Onboard users to Steem in seconds

Site owners can integrate Steem.Ninja into their website in seconds using our super-simple, and free to use widget. 

If you enter a referrer account, you will earn Steem and Ninja Tokens every time your link is used by someone to purchase a Steem.Ninja service

1. Enter your details to create your own site widget
2. Add the script code

Place the following script file right before the closing </body>

3. Paste the link code

Copy and paste the code below onto your website where you want the link to appear: 

If you edit the link make sure that you keep the ninja-widget CSS class.

You can also include the widget in your Steem posts or in any markdown editor:

All new accounts created using the Steem.Ninja widget come with a free 90 day delegation of Steem Power. Site owners earn Steem and Ninja tokens every time their widget is used.