Add Steem.Ninja to your site

Onboard users to Steem in seconds

Site owners can integrate Steem.Ninja into their website in seconds using our super-simple, and free to use widget. 

If you enter a referrer account, you will earn Steem and Ninja Tokens every time your link is used by someone to purchase a Steem.Ninja service

1. Where do you want to place the widget?
2. Enter your details to create your own site widget
3. Add the script code

Place the following script file right before the closing </body>

4. Paste the link code

Copy and paste the code below onto your website where you want the link to appear: 

If you edit the link make sure that you keep the ninja-widget CSS class.
3. Place the link in your Steem post

3. Paste the link code

This is your referral link:

All new accounts created using the Steem.Ninja widget come with a free 90 day delegation of Steem Power. Site owners earn Steem and Ninja tokens every time their widget is used.