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Get on the blockchain in under 60 seconds by purchasing an account right now, including 15 Steem Power delegation for 90 days.


How to buy a Steem Account in 60 seconds

Follow the simple instructions below to find out how to open your new account in under 1 minute signup step 1

Step 1

Choose your username

Your username must be lowercase and can only contain numbers, letters and only the dash (-) and period (.) special characters are allowed. It must begin with a letter and be under 16 characters in length. Click “Validate Username” to check it’s ok and to proceed. signup step 2

Step 2

Download your password backup

The button will now change to “Download Password Backup”. You really want to do this, as it is the only time you will ever get your password sent to you. Please make sure you NEVER lose this as it cannot be recovered. signup step 3

Step 3

Head to the checkout

OK, once you’ve saved your backup somewhere safe, now click “Checkout" signup step 4

Step 4

Enter your personal details

OK, time to enter your details. You start with your full name, email and address signup step 5

Step 5

Enter your card details

Last step. Enter your card’s number, expiry date and CVC code (the last 3 digits on the rear) and click the Pay button. The amount you are being charged will appear on the button. 

Once you have done this, your payment will be authorised, and as soon as this is complete (normally under 10 seconds) then your new account will be available and ready to use. 

See… it’s that easy! 

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